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Bath Screens

We are specialists in bath screens

A shower enclosure is designed to keep water inside the shower area, without getting the entire bathroom wet.

There are options with and without a door to suit the size and space available that, when carefully planned, can create a luxurious finish in any room size, even in the smallest spaces, such as a double bedroom bathroom.

The minimum standard height of a shower unit is normally 1828mm to 1900mm although higher options are available if additional height is required. The best glass thickness for a shower cubicle starts at 6mm and then advances in 2mm increments, the thicker glass is premium and heavier and therefore creates a feeling of quality and finish, especially when opening and closing. Tempered safety glass is a great choice to help ensure that, in the event of breakage, the glass will break into a thousand broken pieces without peeling off rather than into jagged fragments that could cause injury. In addition to its thickness, anti-lime glass helps to maintain its optimum appearance, preventing the accumulation of dirt and making it easier to clean. Some doors are reversible, allowing you to choose where to open them.

Look at some of our screens for your bathroom

Here you can see a sample of some shower screens that we work with daily, but we have hundreds of more screens available, it is practically impossible that one does not fit your bathroom, and if we still do not find any, we make you one to measure.

The excellent brands we work with in bath screens